Who is the best realtor in Key Biscayne, FL

Local knowledge, market analytics as well as personal fit are key to finding the best realtor for you  
Adriana Montbrun Key Biscayne and Miami Realtor

By Adriana Montbrun

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an agent to help you with a real estate transaction in Key Biscayne, just ten minutes off Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.  Needs tend to be pretty straightforward and most people seek:

Most people know a realtor, with buyers or sellers often hiring a person that is close to them, in some cases feeling obliged to hire that family member or friend without questioning their skills. This used to work fine when the role of the realtor was just to make a few calls, show properties and contact third parties. A good Key Biscayne realtor will make all the difference in your bank account as well as your mental health!

“Real estate has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Technology and data surrounds us (i.e. virual tours, listing databases, facetime showings, eMarketing, etc) and a good agent has to master all these new technologies, be good at monetizing information and embed the human element and local knowledge on each transaction.”

The Best Realtor in Key Biscayne is One with Local Market Knowledge that delivers financial returns

A buyer would want to hire the agent who knows the market and the numbers, the agent who understands where we are in the real estate cycle. Knowing the real estate cycle and its previous bottom and peak prices means you can anticipate at what price point you are getting a good deal and at what price point you are buying at the peak of the market. With other words: you need a real estate market analyst!

Key Biscayne Realtor Knowledge

Key Biscayne is a relatively small community that outsiders have a difficult time understanding and explaining. For us locals, it is paradise; a place to enjoy a laid back lifestyle, a safe home surrounded by a cosmopolitan affluent community with exciting and varied life stories. Captains of Industry, Fortune 500 CEO’s, business owners and even presidents (i.e. Nixon) call Key Biscayne home. A place surrounded by two large parks (i.e. State and county), some of the best ranked beaches in America, a gorgeous golf course, many restaurants, a 5 star Ritz Carlton property, top schools, etc. 

The Key offers many options only experienced local realtors can help you navigate. Maybe you’d like to dock a large boat along Hurricane Harbor, maybe enjoy a Miami skyline view along Harbor drive; you might seek a fully redone unit in an oversized lot, or walking to the beach from your home in Holiday Colony. If you’d rather live in a Key Biscayne condo, you may want to explore modern premium units at Oceana, flow through plans at Ocean Club, corner corner units in Grand Bay, Ocean Club or Mar Azul or the wide options at Key Colony, Commodore Club and Towers of Key Biscayne. Whatever your needs, I am here to help you find the Key Biscayne property that fits your lifestyle and financial expectations.

Key Biscayne Real Estate Market Analysis & Reports

We have studied the market for over fifteen years and understand the pro’s and the con’s of each moment within the real estate lifecycle. Among clients, readers and industry peers we are known as market analysts and our real estate blogs, videos, reports and forecasts have provided us with a prominent name in the Miami real estate industry. As market analysts we not only understand the numbers, but we understand the human behavior behind the numbers. Take a look at our reports and you will see it’s not just numbers; it’s a dialogue that explains the human behavior and macro-economic factors behind the data.

Key Biscayne Real Estate Financial Returns

If knowledge is power then DSG could be considered the most powerful team of agents in Miami real estate, at least by analytical standards. We have been writing articles and supremely detailed ‘actionable’ reports (Including the more recent Key Biscayne Condo Market Update Q1 2021 and the Key Biscayne 2020 Condo Market Update & 2021 Market perspectives) for over a decade now. I say actionable because our reports do not just give a bunch of arbitrary statistics, but actual actionable advice for buyers and sellers specific to their price point). Advice that delivers value to our clients such as the following transactions:

What to look for in a Key Biscayne Realtor when Buying?

The Best Realtor in Key Biscayne combines Local Knowledge, Data Access, Global Client networks and strong Interpersonal skills

A buyer would want to hire the agent who knows the market, its numbers and makes sure you do not overpay for a property. Someone who will be able to understand what the numbers mean, where the trends point to and have the interpersonal skills to help navigate the emotional aspects of a purchase including negotiations as well as the key transaction points when deals fall through or can become more onerous.

Choose from All Miami Real Estate Homes, not just what is on the Market

Why limit yourself to listed Miami Real Estate homes if we can offer you so much more. Many of our clients bought a house that wasn’t even on the market. As a team we will go out of our way to find your dream house even if it means approaching owners of off-market properties. We have a large database of Miami Real Estate home owners and we often reach out to specific off-market properties upon request of potential buyers. Moreover as top producing Miami realtors we are constantly in contact with other agents communicating which new product is coming up and as a result we know about new properties before anyone else does.


Miami Real Estate Market Analytics Tools

Finally we would like to share our Market Analytics tools with you, tools that help us with creating our reports and that are one of the main reasons our site is so heavily trafficked and buyers trust our market knowledge.
In part 5 of our 2020 Miami Real Estate Report we discuss our analytical tools and software. Here are the direct links for the Neighborhood Economic Health score and the Advanced Analytics. If you are looking to buy a Miami condo then using our Condo Geeks tool will be of the essence. Condo Geeks is a brand new and sophisticated tool, which is essentially a Bloomberg terminal for real estate. The tool empowers you to analyze entire neighborhoods, individual condos or a selection of condos. It provides users with the ability to look at the performance of a neighborhood / condo over time (amount of sales, prices per SF, discounts given and days on market) or to compare neighborhoods / condos to one another. It is essentially the best tool for consumers to see whether a market is going up, down or remains static and to select the best performing condo. This is really the most advanced tool we could deliver and will be extremely helpful in finding the best Miami Real Estate condos to invest in. Miami Real Estate condo investments have never been this smart!

Key Biscayne Real Estate data analytics 2021
CondoGeeks is our DSG proprietary data analytics tool with detailed historic information, not available elsewhere, to help you make better financial decisions

What to look for in a Key Biscayne Realtor when Selling?

The Best Realtor in Key Biscayne is One with the Best Online Presence and Local Exposure

Selling Key Biscayne and Miami real estate in 2021 requires a strong, modern marketing mind. Someone who has a broad outreach, who talks to agents and buyers around the globe and does not limit him or herself to local Key Biscayne residents and acquaintances.You need a Key Biscayne real estate agent who does not rely on the MLS to have your property sold, but takes it the extra mile with videos, flyers and a large database of buyers.

Miami Real Estate Digital Marketing

Key Biscayne is part of the Miami metropolitan area, a global city where buyers, particularly in 2021, often come from out of town, so you don’t want to limit yourself to an agent whose reach is only hyper local; relocating is a big element and foreign buyers are a big factor. This is why we created the relocation campaigns, the annual reports and weekly blogs based on what people are searching for. 98% Of searches start online, so if you don’t have a strong digital footprint you are already behind.  The best Key Biscayne realtor is whomever has national and global reach for its listings and that is what we have to offer.

Currently we attract around 25,000 visitors a month to our site and 100 new subscribers every week!
This is quite simply one of the most highly trafficked real estate sites in the whole of Miami.

Our fundamental goal is to expose your property to the right audience with the right message. It is about targeting a specific audience such as investors, tax refugees or relocating families with geo-specific campaigns and the right message. As you might know these days most buyers are relocation buyers coming for the high tax states (mostly the northeast) who are looking for good quality homes near Miami’s best private schools in Miami’s safest areas. We know how to target these relocation buyers and how to keep them interested as we offer very specific and targeted videos and blogs. I invite you to google important search terms like “Relocating to Miami” or “Key Biscayne homes for sale” and you will see our website ranks numbers one. We are also number one for important terms like: “The Best Miami Private schools”, “The best gated communities in Miami/Key Biscayne” or “The safest areas in Miami”, which is something that most relocation buyers search for before they start looking for specific real estate options. This is how the majority finds us!

Engaging with Potential Key Biscayne Real Estate Buyers

Our unique and rich information has earned us a dominant number 1 spot for almost all Miami real estate related key words in the world’s most used search engines. With our real estate reports, real estate forecasts and relocation guides we capture buyers from all over the globe who trust our opinion and who reach out to us for advice and guidance.  Underpinning the strong digital footprint is the digital expertise when it comes to specific marketing campaigns. Our Funnel Campaigns, Retargeting, effective ranking on Google for long tail key phrases and geo specific adverts (to name a few) are leading large amounts of potential buyers to the site. These potential buyers have to subscribe to our site and they will receive a personal phone call as well as our e-mail blasts. As we get many new subscribers to the website I have a very large database of buyers who are actively looking for high quality homes in a very competitive market. One of the reasons I sell my properties very fast is because I pre-market them to my database and a short list of buyers I have in mind for every new listing I take on.

Traditional Marketing and Social Media

When we take on a listing we write a targeted blog and create a professional video. We will send professionally designed email flyers to local agents, buyers as well as top producing agents around the country in cities like NY, LA and Chicago. We also often personally call Miami’s top agents to inform them about the new listing.

Targeted blogs can be a blog about your property, but also a blog on the desirability of your type of property. In case your home is located in a gated community we will write an article on your gated community, which then features your home. When you are selling a golf course home we will write an article on Golf Course homes featuring your listings and so on. These blogs will then be published on our social media, shared with our buyers and often we will have digital campaigns to reach the right audience (buyers).

Exclusive listing videos and 3D Tours

We hire a professional photographer and videographer to shoot your property. Please find below two exclusive listing videos we have used for our marketing, which in times of Covid are complemented by a professional 3D Virtual Tour.

Social Media

Both me and The David Siddons Group personally post on several social media on a daily basis. We are also able to leverage the social media channels of Douglas Elliman and several other large real estate accounts. We have access to the Instagram accounts (depending availability) of @theDavidsiddonsgroup (24K and growing fast), @DouglasElliman (207K followers), @DouglasEllimanFlorida (47K followers), @luxury_homes (1,3M followers) and @bossestate (215K followers)


Who is Adriana?

A Key Biscayne resident for over 20 years, Adriana Montbrun is a luxury residential specialist that has built a loyal portfolio of clients across the US, Latin America and Europe for over a decade. Adriana’s caring personality, unrelenting client focus and her Duke University Communications training allows her to understand and guide clients through the emotional aspects of real estate. Her engineering and Top5 Consulting background provides her clients with  structure, predictability and strong business terms in the transactions she oversees.

LIVE MIAMI YOUR WAY is Adriana’s motto, and indeed she excels finding the perfect home to fit the lifestyle of each one of her clients as well as the right sales transaction to fit their unique personal and financial circumstances. Fluent in English, Spanish and conversational French, she enjoys an active lifestyle and is thrilled to now enjoy at home the European, Asian and Latin American food options and traditions she’s learned traveling the world.

Adriana Brings 15 years of experience in the Key Biscayne real estate business and her group is Top5 in Florida and Top10 nationwide with over $225M in sales, just in the first five months of 2021. 

Y, por supuesto, hablamos Espanol.

What do our clients say about Adriana?

My wonderful clients include professionals from prestigious leading global organizations (e.g. JPMorgan, McKinsey, PwC, IBM), doctors, lawyers as well as startups in both traditional industries and emerging technology (i.e. Cyber security, biotech) and finance (i.e. VC, hedge funds, Crypto). I also feel privileged to serve entrepreneurs with growing businesses as well as wealthy families with multi-property holdings.

From a geographic origin point of view these clients highlight the diversity and cosmopolitan nature of our world-class city, as they hail from numerous US states (e.g. MA, VA, NY, CA, TX, MD, IL, WA, DC) as well as a wide array of countries including Mexico, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, UK, France, among other locations. 

I am thankful for the generous 5 star reviews of my clients both in Zillow and Google