3 Bedroom Brickell condos <$1M vanish for 2022

3 Bedroom Brickell condos < $1M proved to be the hottest segment of 2021  
Adriana Montbrun Key Biscayne and Miami Realtor

By Adriana Montbrun

A year ago in January 2021 I published an article where I highlighted a hot Brickell trend and advised to hurry and buy three bedroom Brickell condos, particularly if your budget was under $1 Million. I was prompted to write this article after an onslaught of requests from mostly relocating buyers looking for 3 bedroom Brickell condos for sale in Miami, as the work-from-home trend was starting to kick in and Brickell started to heat up. Inventory was ok by historic parameters but the signs were clear and moving rapidly. 

A year later, inventory has dwindled by 78% -you read correctly 4 out of 5 condos have not been replaced- to only 27 Brickell condos for sale at the beginning of 2022; compared to 125 Brickell 3 Bedroom condos for sale at the beginning of 2021.

3 Bedroom Brickell Condos, the hottest segment in 2021

Brickell inventory as a whole declined 55% when comparing 2021 to 2020. Of course sales were through the roof having almost tripled in 2021 when compared to 2020 -and similar percentages if we examine sales volumes since 2014.   This means that in spite of new inventory coming to market in 2021, for every ten units available early 2021, almost 6 units couldn’t be supplied by the market. These are all statistics I will be sharing in my upcoming Brickell 2021/2022 report and this is a sneak peak. 

Brickell in Miami BCC REal estate condos

As shocking as the 55% number is, it pales with the 78% decrease in inventory registered by the 3 bedroom Brickell Condos segment under $1 Million dollars. In fact it beat by one percentage point an obvious decliner segment: Brickell Condos for sale under $500k, which declined 77% year-on-year. 

3 Bedroom Brickell Condos availability & Pricing in 2022

As of mid January 2022 there are only 17 three bedroom condos available for sale in Brickell, four of them are Brickell Key condos. The remaining units include two in SLS Lux, four in SLS Brickell, one in Brickell Heights and another one in Axis on Brickell

Brickell Condos for sale SLS

A year ago you could entertain buying 3 bedroom condos in Reach or Rise in Brickell City Center, 1010 Brickell, Flatiron Brickell, Icon Brickell and several other new construction buildings. These days you will have to increase your budget to get your hands on similar condos. 

Having said that, in spite of higher prices per square feet in Brickell, theses condo prices are still below 2022-2026 Miami new construction condo prices in Miami’s urban core buildings such as Baccarat Residences Miami, Aston Martin Residences or Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami; in some cases they are also comparable to smaller Airbnb friendly new projects in downtown Miami and Brickell that may be less exclusive and provide limited views and location convenience.  

On the positive side, three bedroom condos for sale in Brickell decreased less (48%) than the entire Brickell condo market inclusive of all sizes and bedroom numbers (-55%), from 2021 to 2022. So this does provide some hope in terms of unit availability if you have budget flexibility; particularly if you are looking for Miami Luxury condos for sale. 

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